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Birds Of Prey Victor Zsasz Coat

Birds Of Prey Victor Zsasz Coat
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Birds Of Prey Victor Zsasz Coat

Victor Zsasz Birds Of Prey Chris Messina Trench Coat

Birds Of Prey Victor Zsasz Coat belongs to Victor Zsasz, a deranged mob killer and henchman of Sionis. He carves a tally mark on his skin for each victim he claims. This is the villain character of the superhero film, Birds Of Prey.

This coat is available in an amazing blue color from the pure cotton material as a soft external covering. The collar of the Birds Of Prey Coat features in the turn down style in the exact same way as the original one. A button down closing feature is not only easy to use but also has a traditional style. There are two welted pockets on the outer waist side. We are damn sure that Victor Zsasz Coat with the long length will give an inspiring look!

Product Specification:

  • Blue Color
  • Turn Down Collar
  • Long Length
  • Elastic Style Cuffs
  • Two Outer Welted Pockets

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