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Cole Hauser Yellowstone Rip Wheeler Black Vest

Cole Hauser Yellowstone Rip Wheeler Black Vest
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Cole Hauser Yellowstone Rip Wheeler Black Vest
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Cole Hauser TV Series Yellowstone Rip Wheeler Black Vest

Those who are fans of the Yellowstone series already know, an American actor Cole Hauser played the role of Rip Wheeler in this series. Rip is the ranch foreman at the Yellowstone, and John's right-hand.

So, here we give you a chance to get Rip Wheeler's inspired Cole Hauser Yellowstone Rip Wheeler Black Vest. This is a top quality attire to wear, because of the durable fabric made external and viscose embedded interior. A standing style collar designed in a fine stitching way, the exact same as shown in the picture. There are two slanted pockets on the waist, surely beneficial for keeping all the belongings safe for later use. Yellowstone Rip Wheeler Vest comes in an attractive black color, will perfectly go with any outfit you want. The zipper fastening front specification is depending on your choice, either you make it close or left open. Get it as soon as possible!

Product Specification:

  • Black Color Vest
  • Stand Up Style Collar
  • Two Waist Pockets
  • Front Zipper Closure
  • High Quality Fabric
  • Soft Viscose Lining

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