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Emily In Paris HBA Logo Cropped Jacket

Emily In Paris HBA Logo Cropped Jacket
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Emily In Paris HBA Logo Cropped Jacket
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Emily In Paris Lily Collins HBA Logo Cropped Jacket

All the beautiful ladies who keenly want to chase the fashion trend in a classical way, we introduce Emily In Paris HBA Logo Cropped Jacket. In the Emily In Paris series, the character Emily Cooper, a 20 years old American girl, wears it.

The black color looks more amazing with the HBA logo that's present on the front chest side, as clearly seen in the picture. It has a cropped style whose front side tied easily with the help of a button fastening closing, can be left open as well. HBA Logo Cropped Jacket contains a traditional shirt style collar, designed by our talented designers in a fine way. Now come to the fabric! Pure cotton and viscose fabrics are used for the production of the external and internal sides, wearable for all seasons. Buy it at a discounted price from Top Movie Jackets.

Product Specification

  • Cotton Made Exterior
  • Soft Viscose Lining
  • Snap Tab Closing
  • Shirt Style Collar
  • Open Hem Cuffs
  • HBA Logo On Chest
  • Black Color

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