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Harley Davidson Bill Goldberg Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Harley Davidson Bill Goldberg Motorcycle Leather Jacket
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Harley Davidson Bill Goldberg Motorcycle Leather Jacket
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HDMM Bill Goldberg Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Goldberg is one of the famous American professional wrestlers, actors, and former football players, who currently signed to WWE on a part-time deal.

If you are one of Goldberg fans then you must have to get this Harley Davidson Bill Goldberg Motorcycle Leather Jacket. It is a real leather crafted jacket whose internal side consists of a viscose lining, one of the soothing fabrics to wear. Two outer zipper pockets and two inner stitched pockets, provide you a wider space to hold on to your essentials safely. A Harley Davidson labeling and orange color stripe that present on the front side increases the beauty of the black color more. A classical specification includes a padded design of both shoulders. Both the front side and ending of long fitted sleeves of Bill Goldberg Jacket have the same zipper style closings, for a stylish appearance. The collar features in an erect style. Drop your order fast!

Product Specification:

  • Black Color Jacket
  • Padded Shoulders
  • Erect Style Collar
  • Waist Zipper Pockets
  • Real Leather External
  • Zipper Cuffs

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