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Harley Davidson Reflective Skull Jacket

Harley Davidson Reflective Skull Jacket
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Harley Davidson Reflective Skull Jacket
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Men Harley Davidson Reflective Skull Motorcycle Leather Jacket

All of us know that every biker person has a dream to get Harley Davidson Jackets. Now it's the best time to make your dream come true, by getting a Harley Davidson Reflective Skull Jacket at the lowest price.

The black color looks more prominent with the white color Harley Davidson and skull print present on the back. The Reflective Skull Jacket has a total of four pockets on the front side, from which two horizontal zippers are on the chest and two welts are on the waist sides. The snap tab closing of the stand up style collar is of your choice, whether you make it close like the picture or left it open. A flawless branded zipper closing. also present. Sleeves and open hem cuffs are features for the complete look. This Harley Davidson Black Jacket is made from real leather, fused with the soft viscose lining, present on the interior side.

Product Specification:

  • Black Leather Jacket
  • Snap Tab Collar
  • Chest And Waist Pockets
  • Open Hem Cuffs
  • Skull Print On Back
  • Front Zip Closing

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