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Hughie Campbell The Boys Hoodie

Hughie Campbell The Boys Hoodie
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Hughie Campbell The Boys Hoodie
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Jack Quaid The Boys Hughie Campbell Hoodie

Do you love to watch superhero movies? Then you definitely watched The Boys, because it is one of them. And we introduce Jack Quaid as Hugh Campbell's inspired Hughie Campbell The Boys Hoodie.

This is a grey color hoodie, which is crafted from pure cotton fleece fabric, for the external covering. But the inner side, covered with a different fabric, viscose, one of the softest and durable, to wear material. Like other hoodies, The Boys Hoodie also contains two kangaroo pouches on the frontage for your ease. The rib knitted cuffs and hemline are easily adjusted according to the size or shape of the body, considered as an ideal to get the perfect fitting. There is a branded zipper closing on the front side, most of the people left it open to pairing it with their favorite outfits. A hood is attached on the back side of Hughie Campbell, like as shown in the picture.

Product Specification:

  • Cotton Fleece Fabric
  • Rib Knitted Cuffs
  • Attached Hoodie
  • Rib Knitted Hemline
  • Branded Zipper Scheme
  • Decent Grey Color

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