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Jackson Holidate 2020 Peacoat

Jackson Holidate 2020 Peacoat
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Jackson Holidate 2020 Peacoat
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Luke Bracey Holidate 2020 Jackson Peacoat

Holidate movie makes the Christmas season of every viewer more joyful. Isn't this true? Yes, it is! So, why not give a try to this movie inspired outfit! That's why we introduce Jackson Holidate 2020 Peacoat for you. It is worn by Luke Bracey during the role of Jackson.

The external side, made from top quality cotton whereas the internal side, lined with a viscose fabric, both are comfortable to wear. A scheme of button fastening closing that present on the frontage of Holidate 2020 Peacoat tied in a double breasted style for the perfect fitting. Sleeves are full in length and designed in a fitted style along with the ending of finely sewed open hem cuffs. It has a standing style lapel collar, features in the exact same way as shown in the picture. Jackson Peacoat contains two pockets on the outer waist side, for holding all the essentials always with you.

Product Specification:

  • Wool-blend
  • Double Breasted Closing
  • Standing Lapel Style Collar
  • Two Side Pockets
  • Open Hem Cuffs
  • Appealing Black Color

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