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Michael Jackson Thriller Varsity Jacket

Michael Jackson Thriller Varsity Jacket
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Michael Jackson Thriller Varsity Jacket

Thriller Michael Jackson Varsity Jacket

Michael Jackson is never forgotten by all of us, he is the man for whom the whole world cried during his death. Michael Jackson Thriller Varsity Jacket is an inspiration by him, that is fabricated from a pure wool blend.

It is available in reddish shade with a combo of the authentic shade of mustard, which would be the best choice of teenagers also. An amazing fact is that the sleeves are from another PU leather material. The collar, cuffs, and hemline are designed in a rib knitted style, easily adjustable according to the shape of the body. Michael Jackson Jacket has a well tailored snap tab closure on the front to make this apparel a fantastic one. Not to forget a beautiful stitched M logo designed on the chest to attract the viewers. Thriller Varsity Jacket has two slanted pockets on the outer chest side.

Product Specification:

     Reddish And Mustard Shades Combo

     Pure Wool Blend External

     PU Leather Sleeves

     Rib Knitted Collar

     Snap Tab Closing

     Rib Knitted Cuffs And Hemline

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