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Mo Brings Plenty Yellowstone Leather Vest

Mo Brings Plenty Yellowstone Leather Vest
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Mo Brings Plenty Yellowstone Leather Vest
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Mo Brings Plenty TV Series Yellowstone Season 04 Leather Vest

In the fourth season of the Yellowstone series, Moses Brings Plenty as Mo spotted wearing Mo Brings Plenty Yellowstone Leather Vest. This is the recurring character of the rainwater's driver and bodyguard.

Mo Brings Plenty Vest crafted by using leather from the exterior side, increases the life of the vest more. While, makes it comfortable to wear for you, a viscose fabric lined on the internal side. V shaped neckline stitched in a fine way, convenient to wear on both types of days, whether its formal or casual. The stitching quality is up to the mark, one of the specialties of the outerwear designed by Top Movie Jackets. A button fastening closing of this Yellowstone Leather Vest allows you to wear your favorite jacket in a fitted style. The front waist side contains two welted pockets for your ease. Available in stunning black color with other detailings! Drop an order as fast as you can!

Product Specification:

  • Leather Made Vest
  • Button Fastening Closing
  • Finely Sewed Neckline
  • Two Waist Pockets
  • Inner Viscose Lining
  • Black Color

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