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Holidate 2020 Luke Bracey Coat

Holidate 2020 Luke Bracey Coat
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Holidate 2020 Luke Bracey Coat
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Luke Bracey Holidate 2020 Jackson Wool Coat

Nowadays, people tend to look impressive, according to the ongoing fashion styles. By getting this Holidate 2020 Luke Bracey Coat, it will become easy for you.

The wool blend made external and viscose lined internal, both will give a comfortable feeling to the wearer. Also keeps you warm while roaming out on the streets to enjoy the chilly days of the winter season. This Holidate 2020 Coat, contains a standing style collar, that keeps your look graceful. The front side fastens with the help of a button specification present on the front side, can be left open as well, like as seen in the picture. Two flap pockets on the outer side and two stitched pockets on the outer side, securing your belongings for later use. Open hem cuffs and full length sleeves are the additional specifications of the Luke Bracey Coat. The dark grey color can make your personality in any type of event.

Product Specification:

  • Wool Blend Fabric
  • Standing Style Collar
  • Two Flap Pockets
  • Button Fastening Closure
  • Open Hem Cuffs
  • Dark Grey Color

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