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Outside The Wire Damson Idris Vest

Outside The Wire Damson Idris Vest
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Outside The Wire Damson Idris Vest

Damson Idris Outside The Wire Leo Tactical Vest

Nowadays, vests have been alluring in the fashion world, more than any other outfit. If you are thinking the same, add this Outside The Wire Damson Idris Vest to your collection. Worn by Anthony Mackie as Captain Leo, in Outside The Wire movie.

Damson Idris Vest comes in an authentic seaweed color, exactly the same as seen in the picture. It is crafted from dual types of materials, including a cotton material for the exterior and internally lined viscose fabric, both are of top quality to wear. The front will fastly secure in a fitted look with the help of a branded zipper and buckle belt closings. Instead of any broad style collars, a round shape neckline, present to allow you to wear it casually as well. The stitching quality is up to the mark because we always want to serve our customers with the best that they deserve. So, go and order Captain Leo Jacket now!

Product Specification:

  • Front Zipper Closing
  • Viscose Lining
  • Cotton Material
  • Round Shape Neckline
  • Adjustable Buckle Belts
  • Seaweed Color

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