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Pennyworth Season 02 Thomas Wayne Grey Coat

Pennyworth Season 02 Thomas Wayne Grey Coat
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Pennyworth Season 02 Thomas Wayne Grey Coat

Thomas Wayne Pennyworth Season 02 Ben Aldridge Grey Coat

As the fashion is updated after passing each day, right? So, have you ever thought before, to get the outfit, always be trending during any type of fashion styles? Can't find the one for yourself? Here we present Pennyworth Season 02 Thomas Wayne Grey Coat.

In the crime drama television series, Pennyworth, Ben Aldridge wears it as Thomas Wayne. Now come to the Pennyworth Season 02 Coat! The external covering, made from a pure wool blend whereas, the internal side embedded with a viscose lining, both fabrics will keep you warm and comfortable as well. As already shown in the picture, the collar designed in a wide peak lapel style, looks totally different from other ordinary collars. The sleeves are full in length and contain open hem cuffs, for a complete appearance. Thomas Wayne Coat has a button fastening scheme, tied flawlessly in a double breasted way. Available in decent grey color!

Product Specification:

  • Wool Blend Fabric
  • Peak Lapel Collar
  • Two Side Pockets
  • Decent Grey Color
  • Fine Quality Stitching
  • Double Breasted Closing

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