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Sherlock Holmes Coat

Sherlock Holmes Coat
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Sherlock Holmes Coat

Sherlock Holmes Benedict Cumberbatch Coat 

We proudly design the attire of the greatest detective Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock Holmes Coat is taken from the period mystery action film Sherlock Holmes.

To make sure you enjoy the winter season beautifully, we used a wool blend for manufacturing the exterior of this coat. The collars are featured in a broad style for covering your neck properly. Wool Coat is designed in a fabulous grey color, feasible to use during casual as well formal. An inner viscose lining and a double breasted front button closure give extra care to your body. Two slanted pockets are present on the chest and two flaps on the waist while to stitch pockets on the inner side. The below the knee level length allows you to cover your body properly during the winter breezes. Grey Coat has long and fitted sleeves along with folded cuffs. Drop your order now!

Product Specification:

     Wool Blend Fabric

     Grey Color

     Broad Style Collar

     Double Breasted Button Closing

     Four Outer And Two Inner Pockets

     Folded Cuffs

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