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Sonic The Hedgehog Hoodie

Sonic The Hedgehog Hoodie
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Sonic The Hedgehog Hoodie
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Sonic The Hedgehog Blue Hoodie

Have you tried the most trending Sonic The Hedgehog Hoodie? Not yet? Then what are you waiting for? Buy it from here to give a try! This inspiration comes from an action adventure comedy movie Sonic The Hedgehog.

It is one of the outstanding hoodie to wear due to all the specifications that are mentioned ahead. Eye mask and poly filled hairs designed on the hood give you the same look as Sonic The Hedgehog. Other costume features include a tail and yellow color stomach printed on the back and front sides. Sonic Hoodie comes in a beautiful blue color along with the white color cuffs. A branded zipper fastening feature is also specified on the front side. The materials used for the manufacturing procedure is 100% pure cotton. Order it now!

Product Specification:

  • Blue Color Hoodie
  • Eye Mask
  • Polly Filled Hairs
  • Cotton Made External
  • Zipper Fastening Feature

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