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The Suicide Squad 2 Mongal Vest

The Suicide Squad 2 Mongal Vest
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The Suicide Squad 2 Mongal Vest
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Mayling Ng Purple Leather The Suicide Squad 2 Mongal Vest

Mongal, is the name of an alien mass murderer with genocidal tendencies, the character appeared in the famous The Suicide Squad movie. If you know about this character, then definitely noticed its inspired purple color The Suicide Squad 2 Mongal Vest the same is now available at Top Movie Jackets at discounted pricing range.

The outer and inner covering of this vest is manufactured from real leather and viscose materials, both are of top quality. A branded zip feature makes the opening and closing procedures more convenient for you. To add an unforgettable fashionable appealing look, our highly skilled design team stylized the collar of Mongal Vest in a stand up style. The padded design is present on the various parts, another outstanding specification of it. Grab the one for yourself if you really want to be under the spotlight during cosplay or any other events.

Product Specification

  • Faux Leather/Real Leather
  • Soft Viscose Lining
  • Branded Zipper Closure
  • Stand Up Style Collar
  • Padded Designing
  • Amazing Purple Color

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