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Taron Egerton Rocketman Leather Jacket

Taron Egerton Rocketman Leather Jacket
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Taron Egerton Rocketman Leather Jacket

Taron Egerton Rocketman Elton John White Motorcycle Leather Jacket

Taron Egerton Rocketman Leather Jacket that you are seeing here, taken from the Rocketman series, and worn by Taron Egerton as Elton John. Taron is a Welsh actor and singer as well, who received multiple awards and nominations.

An internal side of Rocketman Jacket lined with a viscose fabric, to keep you feel relaxed, whereas, the outer side is crafted from genuine leather. Comes in an attractive white color, wearable during any type of event, whether it's a party or a casual. A fringe design is present on both of the shoulders, one of the authentic specifications of this jacket. An asymmetrical zipper closing that features, for a perfect fitted look, reaches upwards to the level of a wide notch lapel collar. The outer and inner pockets allow you to make your hands by securing all of your belongings in them. As clearly seen in the picture, padded designing present on the shoulders. Get it now!

Product Specification:

  • Genuine Leather
  • Fringes Detailing
  • Wide Notch Lapel Collar
  • Inner and Outer Pockets
  • Asymmetrical Zipper Closing
  • Attractive White Collar

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