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The Gentlemen Dry Eye Fur Brown Jacket

The Gentlemen Dry Eye Fur Brown Jacket
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The Gentlemen Dry Eye Fur Brown Jacket

Henry Golding The Gentlemen Fur Collar Dry Eye Brown Leather Jacket

Henry Golding, a Malaysian-British actor, television host, and model made his appearance as Dry Eye in the movie The Gentlemen. If you watch the film, definitely know that he wears an outstanding brown color The Gentlemen Dry Eye Fur Brown Jacket, which grabs the attraction of many.

So, here we present the exact same for you! The Gentlemen Brown Jacket has faux fur wide notch lapel style collar, one of the authentic specifications of this attire. There is an asymmetrical zipper fastening closing on the front side, looks fantastic with any outfits you pair with it. The internal side does not have any pocket, but the outer waist side contains two pockets for your ease. A shiny texture, shown in the picture is the courtesy of real leather used as an external material with the inner viscose lining. Dry Eye Fur Jacket has full sleeves and open hem cuffs as additional features.

Product Specification:

  • Real Leather External
  • Faux Fur Collar
  • Asymmetrical Zipper Closure
  • Open Hem Cuffs
  • Two Outer Pockets
  • Classical Brown Color

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