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The Gentlemen Fletcher Blazer

 The Gentlemen Fletcher Blazer
 The Gentlemen Fletcher Blazer
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 The Gentlemen Fletcher Blazer
 The Gentlemen Fletcher Blazer
The Gentlemen Fletcher Blazer
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Hugh Grant The Gentlemen Fletcher Brown Leather Blazer

An amazing English actor, Hugh Grant, whose accolades received a Golden Globe Award wore The Gentlemen Fletcher Blazer, in The Gentlemen film. In 2018, his films have grossed nearly US$3 billion worldwide.

The real leather made external of this blazer fused with a viscose fabric lined on the internal side, for keeping you feel at ease. A brown will surely become the best selection for the formal as well as a casual type of event. Hugh Grant Blazer contains three outer pockets, one on the chest and the remaining two on the waist side. Button cuffs that present with the full length sleeves will be folded up too, if you want to do so. A specification of notch lapel collar, enough to increase the handsome looks of your appearance. The front side, secure with the help of button scheme features, for easy to fit closing styles. Get this Fletcher Blazer before the end of the stock!

Product Specification:

  • Real Leather Exterior
  • Brown Color
  • Inner Viscose Lining
  • Notch Lapel Collar
  • Three Outer Pockets
  • Button Style Closing

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