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The Undoing Grace Sachs Velvet Coat

The Undoing Grace Sachs Velvet Coat
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The Undoing Grace Sachs Velvet Coat
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Nicole Kidman The Undoing Grace Sachs Red Velvet Long Coat

What will you think wearing a velvet material during the freezing temperature? No? Try it now, because it's definitely a good idea to keep yourself warm and comfortable at the same time. For this we introduce, The Undoing Nicole Kidman Velvet Coat made from high quality velvet material.

For the internal side, our talented designers used a soothing viscose lining, helping to absorb all the sweat of the body. A lapel style collar of The Undoing Velvet Coat reaches down to the level of a front open style that also tied perfectly with the belt feature. Sleeves are long and contain open hem style cuffs. Two pockets are stitched on the inner side. An appealing berry red color is the best option for those who want to always be under the spotlight!

Product Specification:

  • Berry Red Color
  • High Quality Velvet Material
  • Lapel Style Collar
  • Two Inner Pockets

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