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Big Sky Ronald Pergman Jacket

Big Sky Ronald Pergman Jacket
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Big Sky Ronald Pergman Jacket

Ronald Pergman TV Series Big Sky Brian Geraghty Black Cotton Jacket

A long-haul trucker who’s involved in several unsolved kidnappings, Ronald Pergman is the lead character of Big Sky series. This is a David E. Kelley's created American crime drama thriller series, premiered on ABC.

Here we present this character's inspired Big Sky Ronald Pergman Jacket for our valuable customers. The reason behind its popularity is black color that grabs the attraction of every eye. There are four pockets on the front side, two button flaps on the chest and two welted on the waist, as same as the original one. The closings of the frontage and long sleeves, are same that is button fastening, for the perfect fitting. To make it feasible to wear this Big SKy Jacket for a long time period, the external manufactured from cotton and the inner side lined with viscose. We assure you, both of them are top in quality, due to which wearable as much as you want.

Product Specification:

  • External From Cotton
  • Black Color
  • Four Front Pockets
  • Inner Viscose Lining
  • Shirt Style Collar
  • Button Fastening

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