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Mare of Easttown Frank Sheehan Jacket

Mare of Easttown Frank Sheehan Jacket
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Mare of Easttown Frank Sheehan Jacket
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David Denman TV Series Mare of Easttown (2021) Frank Sheehan Brown Cotton Jacket

After releasing all the beautiful outfits of the Mare Of Easttown series, we present another one! This Mare of Easttown Frank Sheehan Jacket that belongs to the character Frank Sheehan, is designed for all the men.

Its closing is slightly different from other ordinary jackets, because they have zipper or button closing, but it has both zipper and snaps tab closings on the frontage. The Frank Sheehan Jacket contains one chest and two waist welted pockets for carrying the essentials. A collar features in an erect style along with the snap tab closing for those who want to make it close. This Cotton Jacket contains open hem cuffs and full length sleeves, stitched in a fine way, like other specifications. It comes in a decent brown color! Please make sure to select the exact size, to avoid unnecessary returns and refunds. Happy Shopping!

Product Specification:

  • Pure Cotton Fabric
  • Inner Viscose Lining
  • Snap Tab And Zipper Closing
  • Snap Tab Collar
  • Open Hem Cuffs
  • Three Front Pockets
  • Brown Color

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