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Yellowstone John Dutton Ranch Vest

Yellowstone John Dutton Ranch Vest
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Yellowstone John Dutton Ranch Vest
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Yellowstone John Dutton Ranch Brown Quilted Vest

We always bring something trendy for our valuable clients. This time we proudly introduce Yellowstone Dutton Ranch Vest, wearable by any age or body shape men. It is inspired  by the character John Dutton, who controls the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

Dutton Ranch Vest is composed of durable cotton material in a beautiful brown color. Soothing viscose lining helps to absorb all the sweat of your body to allow you to feel relaxed throughout the whole day. The front open style can be tied easily with the help of zipper closing feature. And the collar of this Yellowstone Vest specified in a turn down style in order to replicate the same look. The beautiful quilted design that is designed on all over the attire and finely trimmed edges both will show the durability of the attire.

Product Specification:

  • Cotton/Satin Vest
  • Brown Color
  • Turn Down Collar
  • Quilted Design
  • Zipper Closing

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