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Yellowstone S03 Beth Dutton Blazer

Yellowstone S03 Beth Dutton Blazer
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Yellowstone S03 Beth Dutton Blazer

Kelly Reilly Yellowstone Season 3 Beth Dutton Blazer

Kelly Reilly, an English actress beautifully played the role of Beth Dutton in the Yellowstone series. She is a financier and the daughter of John and Evelyn.

Yellowstone S03 Beth Dutton Blazer is inspired by her which is crafted from durable cotton material. While the inner side consists of a soft viscose lining. To make you look classy a wide peak lapel style collar is present. There is a single button on the frontage for the closing feature and also can be left open as per according to your choice. The sleeves of Beth Dutton Blazer are long and fitted in the style which ends on open hem button style cuffs. Two pockets carry your belongings always with you. Available in a decent navy blue color, get your hands to this!

Product Specification:

  • Navy Blue Blazer
  • Cotton Material
  • Peak Lapel Style Collar
  • Single Button Closing
  • Fitted Sleeves

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