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San Andreas Red Leather Jacket

San Andreas Red Leather Jacket
San Andreas Red Leather Jacket
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San Andreas Red Leather Jacket
San Andreas Red Leather Jacket
San Andreas Red Leather Jacket

Blake San Andreas Red Leather Jacket

Red is the favorite color of every woman because it has the ability to make a woman more beautiful. Get your hands to this San Andreas Red Leather Jacket!

Genuine leather is the standout factor of the external side of the San Andreas Jacket. This gorgeous apparel has a slim fit style whose collar is designed in a fantastic snap tab style. There is an easy to use branded silver zipper closure on the front side for the perfect biker style look. A Red Leather Jacket will surely be a perfect choice for the night party or while hanging out with friends. Outer pockets include two slanted zipper pockets on the waist side. Inside soothing viscose lining and long fitted design sleeves, both specifications are also a part of this amazing apparel.

Product Specification:

  • Leather Exterior
  • Inner Viscose Lining
  • Branded Zip Closing
  • Red Color
  • Snap Tab Collar
  • Long Fitted Sleeves

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