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8 Ball Jacket

8 Ball Jacket
8 Ball Jacket
8 Ball Jacket
8 Ball Jacket
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8 Ball Jacket
8 Ball Jacket
8 Ball Jacket
8 Ball Jacket
8 Ball Jacket
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Leather David Puddy's Seinfeld 8 Ball Jacket

Bomber style jackets are the kind of outerwear that every person should have for a charming appearance. That's why we have launched 8 Ball Leather Jacket for you, inspired by David Puddy.
A shirt style collar especially designed for your ease, because wearable for a whole day long conveniently as compared to the broad style collars. The pockets are featured on the outer and inner sides. To make this David Puddy Jacket close or open fastly, the front side holds a flawless zipper closing. It comes in a fantastic color combination of three colors including red, black, and yellow. Not only this, even the 8 logo, also present on the back and sleeves as well, as shown in the picture. An internal side lined with a viscose fabric but the outer side crafted from a different material that is PU leather. Rib knitted cuffs and full length sleeves are also a part of it.

Product Specification:

  • Black, Red, And Yellow Color
  • Leather Material
  • Standing Style Collar
  • Two Outer And Two Inner Pockets
  • Rib Knitted Cuffs
  • Smooth Zipper Closure

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