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Solos Leah Jacket

Solos Leah Jacket
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Solos Leah Jacket
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Anne Hathaway TV Series Solos (2021) Leah Corduroy Jacket

The most beautiful American actress Anne Hathway played the role of Leah in the miniseries, Solos. She wears this Solos Leah Jacket, who is a scientist in 2024 trying to attempt time travel.

The external is made from corduroy material which later combined with the soft viscose fabric lined on the internal side, for your ease. There is a button fastening closing on the front side, to give you a flawless look. The prominent specification of this Leah Jacket is a traditional shirt style collar, the same as seen in the picture. Two button flap pockets are featured on the chest side, utilized by keeping all the belongings safely. For the complete and perfect appearance, it also accommodates full length sleeves ending on button closing cuffs, can be folded up as well. Available in a decent off white color! Don't wait more and drop your order fast!

Product Specification:

  • External From Corduroy
  • Inner Viscose Lining
  • Front Button Closure
  • Traditional Shirt Style Collar
  • Button Closing Cuffs
  • Two Chest Pockets
  • Off White Color

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